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Pure relaxation and luxury at Tewkesbury Park

“We were shown to our room, one of their most luxurious and wonderful suites we’d seen”.



Over the years we have had and shared many, many wonderful experiences of hotel stays in the Cotswolds, but as I sit down on this chilled out Sunday in January to write my account of the experience we just had at stunning Tewkesbury Park, I know I am going to write and share an experience like I never have before. Because when we arrived at Tewkesbury Park on Saturday early afternoon, truthfully we just assumed we would be in for a lovely treat, an overnight stay in luxurious surroundings, a delicious dinner in a beautiful restaurant…. a perfect Saturday in the Cotswolds. And while our stay more than lived up to those expectations, it went so far above and beyond that writing this experience down to share with you, requires something more.



Chilled Classical

I always work and write sitting in my comfy green armchair in my living room, often with the TV on or with my favourite playlist playing on Spotify. Usually I have my extensive country music playlist playing but right now I pretty much have the ‘A Star is Born’ soundtrack on repeat, I know all the words and happily sing along, although (you’ll be pleased to know) only when I’m on my own ; ) But not today. Today I have found the ‘Chilled Classical’ playlist on Spotify, something I genuinely thought I would never do, or enjoy. So what happened to me to turn me into a lover of chilled classical music and someone looking for ‘zen’ overnight? I’ll tell you.


An air of calm

We arrived at Tewkesbury Park just north of the Cotswolds in the lovely town of Tewkesbury, famous for the abbey and for the wonderful High Street with so many properties full of character. We were shown to our room, one of their most luxurious and wonderful suites with views over the golf course, hills and countryside as far as the eye will reach and the edge of the Cotswolds in the distance. It was perfect. As we entered, we found the sound system on and set to Classic FM. An immediate air of calm descended on us, while we unpacked and marvelled at the luxurious touches, the bed the size of my actual house (!), the bathtub in the room, the beautiful decor and the unrivalled views, a wonderful calm came over us. It was like the room demanded we relax and wind way down. So we did.



Nap time, floating on air and Classic FM

Just for sheer size, the bed demanded we try it out straight away. No, no, no, get your minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about just lying in it, of course. And this lead to the most amazing nap I think I’ve ever had. The bed was enormous and sooo comfortable, it was like it swallowed us up and lying in it felt like floating on air. So the unbelievable bed, the calming room and Classic FM on the radio (and possibly also the fact that we were full and happy having just had a delicious lunch) was the perfect setting for a Saturday afternoon nap. Amazing. I think I’m going to introduce naptime to every weekend from now on.


Time to explore

An hour later, refreshed and wonderfully calm, we decided we needed to go exploring. We went outside to check out the golf course we had seen from our room, it was stunning from the green as well, of course. At the top, right by the hotel, it even has a (very well groomed!) croquet area where we, for sure, will be back with the kids come Spring time and warmer weather. Inside we walked through the restaurant to see where the evening’s dinner was to take place, it was beautiful and we were looking forward to it already. Then out to check out the spa – we decided to come back to this a bit later, first it was time for a coffee in the bar.



Relaxation is the key

And it was while sitting in the bar, it started dawning on us what Tewkesbury Park does better than anywhere else we’ve stayed: Relaxation. And not in a hushed, quiet way, but in the most calm and wonderful way imaginable. Because as we sat in the soft sofa with our coffees and took in what was going on around us, we realised that all the staff were going about their work in a super calm manner, the décor and colour schemes throughout the hotel create an air of calm and the whole place just has this soothing vibe that you can’t help but be gripped by.


Wonderful dinner

From coffees and calm to a trip to the spa where we enjoyed a refreshing swim in the pool and a cheeky soak in the outside hot tub. And then it was time to get ready for dinner. The newly refurbished restaurant at Tewkesbury Park, ‘Mint’, is a truly wonderful space and in here the relaxation vibe continues. We enjoyed a romantic dinner with unbelievably delicious food, super friendly service and the loveliest atmosphere. By 9 o’clock the restaurant was full but the way it’s laid out, it never felt loud or crowded, it was a wonderful dining experience, one we can’t wait to come back for again and again.



‘Hygge’ epitomised

As you may know, I am Danish and our stay at Tewkesbury Park prompted a conversation about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, which is a bit of a mystery to most English people. ‘Hygge’ is a quality of cosiness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing and it is regarded a somewhat defining characteristic of Danish culture… but let me tell you right now, if you would like to experience ‘hygge’, you don’t need to travel all the way to Denmark, simply head to Tewkesbury Park like we did, and you will gain a better understanding of this concept as this place is quite simply ‘hygge’ epitomised.



The perfect overnight stay

This morning we woke up calm, relaxed and well rested, having had the most wonderful sleep. The delicious and plentiful breakfast was served with a view of the golf course, it was truly the perfect end to the perfect overnight stay in the Cotswolds… almost like a drawn out meditation session. We left Tewkesbury Park far more relaxed than we were when we came, and you can’t ask for better than that, I don’t think. We can’t wait to come back again.

Book your stay here: Tewkesbury Park.

Mette ♡

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Culinary Experiences

An Amazing Italian in Worcestershire




There’s an amazing Italian in Worcestershire… we’re referring to the Lygon Wine Bar, of course, the amazing Italian restaurant at The Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway.

In fact, it’s more than amazing, it has everything one could ever want in an Italian restaurant: Authentic Italian dishes, all created with great love and skill. A wonderful atmosphere. Top class service by knowledgeable and friendly staff. And the perfect location, right in the centre of Broadway, one of the best loved towns in Worcestershire and the Cotswolds.


A cosy and intimate space

We visited Lygon Wine Bar following a relaxing morning at the luxurious spa at The Lygon Arms Hotel and were greeted warmly by everyone there. Shown to our table in the window, a cosy spot in the front of the restaurant with a lovely view of the High Street, but we would have been happy with any table in the restaurant, really, as the layout is such that each and every one is a cosy and intimate space, a rare effect made possible partly due to the shape of the two rooms that make up the restaurant, but also due to the clever decorating choices throughout.


One of everything, please!

The menu at Lygon Wine Bar is impossible! Impossible to choose from, that is, because what we wanted to say was “We’ll have one of everything, please”! We couldn’t do that, of course, so for antipasti we went for the buffalo bocconcini mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and the Italian spicy sausage arancini, two delicious choices that set the bar for the rest of the meal at an impossibly high level. For starters we chose the beef carpaccio with parmesan and rocket, and the burrata with chicory and pine kernels. Our main courses were the spice Italian sausage, red onion and peppers pizzette (deliciously thin pizza base packed full of Italian goodness on top) and a traditional classic of Italian meatballs, tomato and chilli tagliatelle. And we needn’t have “worried” about the bar set by the antipasti, because the rest of the meal more than lived up to our high expectations on every level.


Our new favourite Italian restaurant

During the course of this first 2-hour lunch at the Lygon Wine Bar in Broadway, we gained a brand new favourite Italian restaurant and we have been back many times since. And not that we needed one, but how wonderful that we now have another reason to visit beautiful Broadway in the Cotswolds.


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Culinary Experiences

It’s Family Time at The Lygon Arms




Our #SummerOf17 Staycation in the Cotswolds, our summer campaign for Cotswolds Concierge, was mostly about the many great places to go with the kids and the good times we could have as a family in the Cotswolds. And in this blog, first published on Cotswolds Concierge in 2017, we shared the 24 wonderful hours we just spent at one of the most child-friendly hotels in the Cotswolds, the iconic Lygon Arms in Broadway.


A stroll around beautiful Broadway

Arriving early and finding our room not quite ready, we were greeted warmly, our car valet parked and our luggage stored safely for later. We went outside to enjoy beautiful Broadway in the sunshine, spent a bit of time in the awesome public playground, did a bit of shopping and took in all the pretty of this picture-perfect village that it is impossible to get enough of.


The play room of fun

Back at the hotel, we were shown the play room, a large room full of games, DVDs and bean bags, a super room for the kids to have fun for a while. Matthew and Noelle put on ‘Smurfs’ and threw themselves into the pile of beanbags and we went downstairs for a relaxing coffee. An hour or so later it was time for Afternoon Tea.


Afternoon Tea with Harry Potter

…and Harry Styles and Mickey Mouse and Kim Kardashian.

Now, if you follow our blogs, you’ll know we just LUURVE a good afternoon tea, and having already had one of the best afternoon tea experiences at The Lygon Arms last summer, our expectations for this visit were sky-high. This afternoon tea experience at The Lygon Arms were not only as good as the last one, it easily exceeded our expectations. With personalised cakes for the kids, special child-friendly delights, the most beautiful and delicious cakes, sandwiches and scones, Noelle’s vegetarian diet especially catered for and, to top it off, a game of ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ waiting for us (super-fun family game, we laughed so hard!), our afternoon tea experience yesterday at The Lygon Arms was… perfect!


A fantastic afternoon at the spa

If our plan of the day yesterday had a flaw at all, it was that the visit to the spa had to happen right after the afternoon tea. We were stuffed, but off we went to the spa for a couple of hours by the pool and the jacuzzi. The kids were beyond excited about the prospect of swimming-fun and we were all excited to be among the very first to set foot in the newly refurbished spa at The Lygon Arms, just re-opened that morning. The spa was lovely. Brand new facilities throughout and a great atmosphere everywhere. We had a fantastic afternoon at the spa.


A lazy afternoon of luxury

There’s only so much water-fun a person can take (well, that’s true only for the grown-ups, of course, as Matthew and Noelle would still be there if we hadn’t dragged them out!) and it was time to check in to our room. We were in one of the newly refurbished Junior Suites – what a wonderful room. Two rooms, with the living area made up with two beds for the kids making it a perfect space for a family. Met by delicious fruit, chocolates, presents for the kids, a stocked mini-bar and a lovely card to welcome us, we made ourselves unbelievably comfortable with our feet up, TV on, showers before dinner, even a bit of snooze… the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon in a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious hotel room.


An instant favourite

And then it was time for dinner. We had a table booked in the hotel’s brand new restaurant and we were in for a real treat. The new look of the restaurant is right up my street. Beautifully decorated and furnished, in keeping with the original features of the room and with a really wonderful atmosphere. Instantly, this restaurant placed itself in the my Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in the Cotswolds, and I hadn’t even seen the menu yet.


The food…  It. Was. Good.

Service in the restaurant at The Lygon Arms was 5-star. Staff were friendly and helpful, no request was too much. As (almost) always, we have to find good vegetarian options for Noelle by looking at main- and children’s menus coming up with some suitable and tasty mix of two or three dishes for her, and we did just that. She had seen the delicious halloumi sandwich on the bar menu earlier, and with that in mind, she asked if they would make her a halloumi and pesto burger and chips. They absolutely would and she loved her dinner. The rest of us had fish & chips, the beef burger and the sorrel and spinach ravioli. And. It. Was. Good. Only to be topped by no less than 4 ‘Out-of-this-World’ puddings. We can’t wait to come back to the restaurant at The Lygon Arms again and again.



Ahhhh, now that’s a good morning

We had had a long and wonderful day in Broadway, and our plans to drink coffees and hot chocolates and chat the night away in our perfect suite at The Lygon Arms were squashed by our falling asleep way too early in the comfort of the comfortable beds. We woke up this morning refreshed and happy and excited about…. more food! It was breakfast time and having already become accustomed to the best of the best in service and culinary delights, we just knew that the perfect end to a perfect 24 hours at The Lygon Arms was waiting for us in the restaurant. And it was. Breakfast was unbelievable. A super buffet with everything you could ever wish for in a continental breakfast, and an incredible cooked breakfast menu, topped off by another vegetarian option made exactly like Noelle fancied it. Everything was expertly made by the top chefs in the kitchen, from only the very best of ingredients. Ahhhh, now that’s a good morning.


A fantastic family-friendly hotel

The Lygon Arms in Broadway is a truly wonderful hotel, for families and anyone in the mood for relaxation, luxury and 5-star service. It was once an iconic destination, steeped in history and the legacy of famous guests from near and far. And it is still all that, only now it is also brand new and updated to the highest specifications, but with the age of the building and the legacy still very much respected and cared for. We love The Lygon Arms, it is a gem of a hotel destination for anyone coming to spend time in the Cotswolds. See you there x

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Culinary Experiences

A Beautiful Afternoon Tea at The Tea Set




“It’s no secret, I just LOVE Afternoon Tea. The delicious sweet and the scrummy savoury delights, the lovely hot tea and the ‘ceremony’ of having your food served on a little tower of pretty plates… what’s not to love?

~ Mette 

The Perfect Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at The Tea Set in Broadway is such a wonderful experience. The beautifully decorated tea room is the setting for a culinary experience with family or friends… and the kids love it too.

The afternoon tea at The Tea Set traditionally consists of a selection of delicious finger sandwiches, two homemade scones with jam and clotted cream and a selection of three sweet & dainty delights. And a pot of freshly brewed leaf tea or coffee, of course.


A quintessentially English experience

Afternoon Tea is the perfect quintessentially English experience for anyone visiting the Cotswolds, but it is an equally perfect experience for friends, for coming together as a family or for sharing with your bestie, your children or your special someone.

Check out for more information.

The Tea Set Chipping Norton, 24 High Street, OX7 5AD / The Tea Set Broadway, 1 The Huntings, WR12 7AH.


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